D.so Community Review: Alexander Wang X H&M

D.so Community Review: Alexander Wang X H&M


Who doesn’t love a little Wang? H&M released the lookbook for their collaboration with fashion’s busiest multitasker last week. We eavesdropped on d.so users Ab1677737, cosmik_debris, and goldfinches discussing the collection–one of the season’s most anticipated fast-fashion collabs.

goldfinches: Has this been posted yet? WANG WANG WANG

A. Wang x H&M

7737dickhead hat

cosmik_debris: And in that moment… I realized I was not fashion.

goldfinches: These pants could be cool…?

cosmik_debris: Yeah, I like them. Sorry, I don’t know anything about A. Wang–what is with all these logos? I don’t like them.

goldfinches: Neither do I. I am surprised by the shape of a lot of the stuff, in that it does not seem accessible to me at all (like, the shape of the garbs themselves, beyond the WANG of it all).

cosmik_debris: I would wear those leggings, but I can’t figure out if they are workout leggings or what. I like them in a techwear sort of way.

goldfinches: The leggings are neat, but I fear that they will secretly say “WANG WANG WANG WANG WANG WANG” on the butt or something.

7377: I want the crotch to be lined in Wangs.

cosmik_debris: tl;dr belting is back in, but only if you belt outerwear.

7737: lol that is a giant plastic buckle. Like the kind of thing you would find on a Jansport backpack.

7737: Except the size of your face.

cosmik_debris: It’s called accentuating the waist, 7737. I always knew you were basic. I bet you don’t “get” the juxtaposition of a winter coat with sandals either.

7737: I like that one dress. And the penis hat for the sake of being a penis hat.  But I feel like A. Wang was like “lol H&M I can’t take you seriously, gonna make this collection a penis joke.”  I don’t know what that hat was supposed to be if not a really overt dick joke.

goldfinches: There is no way that no one along the design and production process didn’t say “So…Wang????”

goldfinches: “on… their head… like… a stovepipe???”

7737: I dunno, it’s kind of skunk-like.

7737: NO. OMG. It’s a bishop hat.

Nice Hat

cosmik_debris: Wow. $50 for a hat that literally says “WANG” on it.

cosmik_debris: idk I almost might pay it.

ab167: Can I post this whole conversation on the d.so blog plz

A. Wang vs. H&M

+ + +


The Alexander Wang x H&M collab hits the stores on Nov 6. In the meantime, enjoy these hot Wang deals under $70 that we curated for you.




5. Single Jersey Muscle Tee $90.00 $54.00


7. T By Alexander Wang spandex cami $118.93  $59.46




Super special bonus only because they put the skirt on the mannequin incorrectly (Left: Skirt is sideways, lol)

11/12. Alexander Wang Skirt | $75



Ab167 | Graphics, Spends a lot of time on our private Facebook group
7737 | Contributor, Doesn’t get it
Cosmik_debris | Contributor, Gets it
Goldfinches | Contributor, Wangphobic
LadySyrupp | Shopping List, Too busy to participate with our dick jokes
Bhoka | Graphics, Fly on the wall

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