State of the Internet | 04

State of the Internet | 04

State of the Internet 04

It’s Friday Sunday (We’ve been busy with Labor Day sales.) and time again to reflect on the past two weeks(ish). This is the state of the fashion web through the eyes of the bloggers, including Theory‘s foray into activewear, news from Vogue, and nail-biting suspense over the consequences of a Uniqlo announcement.



Theory+ Dry ShieldTheory+ Zing Bra Theory+ Yow Crew

+ Theory has launched an activewear line, Theory+–website complete with videos of models wiggling in the rain.

+ If your desire for a behind-the-scenes look at Vogue hasn’t been quenched by The September Issue, the ever-helpful T Magazine has a summary of Vogue by the numbers. Notable facts and figures: the largest September issue was 916 pages; Vera Wang and Alexander Wang have both worked for the mag; men are afraid to buy the print edition (only 12.5% of the print subscriptions go to them), but 42% of the online visitors are dudes. Don’t be shy, guys. Also—Anna Wintour is rumored to have a $200,000 annual clothing allowance. Try not to think about how much Apiece Apart and Undercoverism that could buy.

Vogue relaunch

+ While we’re on the subject of Vogue--the iconic magazine has relaunched their website to reflect “the authority and the vision of the print magazine” (Ms. Wintour’s words), but with a faster pace and web-specific content. (The cat doodles in the header are by Grace Coddington!)

Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Saint Laurent wool and angora coat Saint Laurent biker

+ Cathy Horyn considers (and almost, but not quite, laments) the commercialization of high fashion, pointing to SLP’s Hedi Slimane as a forerunner in the race for mass-appeal. (Also check out’s write up on Slimane and SLP.)

+ What’s in a trend, anyway? Fashionista profiles trend forecaster WGSN, an industry favorite that helps retailers and designers validate design direction, and gives reporters and writers insight into where fashion is heading. Kevin Silk, WSGN’s CCO, on the company’s mission: “What we do is distill this massive amount of information through our experts down to usable, actionable insights.”

+ What is the connection between church-going Korean Americans in Los Angeles and the rise of  fast fashion? Well, it’s a long story.

H&M Liberty of London line

New Era x Liberty Liberty print tie Nike x Liberty

+ If you love a retro British floral print on a budget, rejoice! H&M has announced a line of Liberty of London print shirts and accessories for the fall, available September 8.

+ In other fast-fashion news, Zara has been furiously apologizing after attempting to sell  children’s shirt that looks like an artifact from the Holocaust. Set the “Days without an accident” ticker back to zero.


Invasion of the Nike Free

+ McSweeney’s take on the ubiquity of Nike Free? An alien conspiracy. Clearly users are not exempt. (Pictured above: darfest, sister-wendigo, and yours truly.)

+ Are TOMS really helping people and changing lives? Opinions differ on the value of one-for-one charitable fashion initiatives. Grant van Sant, in a Business of Fashion op-ed, criticizes one-for-one projects as helping the privileged feel benevolent without solving real problems. Derek Ruediger, in the opposing camp, defends TOMS for being able to capture attention and create greater awareness and a market for social change via fashion.

+ H&M succinctly comments on how culture is influenced by censorship through a graphic tee, printed with the words: “This image is not available in your country”.

+ H&M and Uniqlo now sponsor tennis players, and thus Hawaiian shirts invade professional tennis. The Adidas and Stella McCartney collaboration is already familiar to us, but it looks like now fast-fashion retailers are trying to get in the athletic apparel game as well. (For more on the origins of the aloha shirt trend, see our “History of…”)


+ Christopher Bailey, CEO and Creative Director of Burberry, just sold hella stock. This may or may not be important.

Uniqlo sizing

+ Uniqlo debates changing their sizing for American markets. Body shaming abounds in online commentary on all sides.

+ Marketing consultant Sarah Conley considers the chicken/egg dilemma for miserable plus-sized offerings: is it because of lack of options or lack of consumer interest?

Rebecca Minkoff instagram

+ Some brands are finding new ways to use Instagram. Nordstrom’s profile is now shoppable,and Rebecca Minkoff is letting Instagram fans pick her runway looks.

+ NYMag reports that LVMH may buy Proenza Schouler.

+ Sophie Theallet, French designer and past CDFA/Vogue fashion fund winner, teams up with Lane Bryant for a lingerie line.


That shirt

+ Some items are born to create and reinforce clichés. The Instagram account @thatjcrewginghamshirt lovingly chronicles the uncanny pervasiveness of a particular blue gingham button down.

+ Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” video was notable both because it was a departure from typical TSwift music, but also because there were a crazy number of scene changes that almost rivaled k-pop girl group videos. Fashionista helpfully documents and ranks the best TSwift looks of the four-minute video. For more Taylor Swift inspiration, check out’s very own post on her current style.


+ Rethink your image of Doc MartensRefinery29 has a roundup of artsy and surprising takes on the combat laceup boot. Marble print, metallic material, and floral embellishments included.

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