Made in North America

Made in North America

In honor of Canada Day and the Fourth of July, here are some retailers and brands that house the majority of their production in North America. Celebrate these two great countries by purchasing goods made in them. These retailers also take pride in their workmanship and sustainable production.

2UnionMade Unionmade offers many brands made in the USA that also reflect a classic American aesthetic with items like this chambray button down. 3_JWHJ.W. Hulme has been making high-quality leather bags in the United States for more than one hundred years. They source their leather from tanneries in Minnesota, Illinois, Tennesse, and Maine. This J.W. Hulme briefcase has a strap for convenient handling and would be a great present for a recent graduate on the office job market.

Epaulet does the majority of their production–seventy percent–in the United States, Canada, and Europe. All shirting, neckwear, chinos, jeans and trousers are made in the USA. Their EPLA crewneck and hooded sweatshirts, including this one in Japanese indigo, are made from start to finish in downtown Los Angeles.

Roots offers Canadian-made leather goods and other clothing. Their Colorado bag is perfect for your summer travels.

4La_Ca La Canadienne, a women’s shoe retailer, handcrafts all their waterproof boots in Canada. Here’s their take on a simple Sara Chelsea boot.

Bluer Denim sources their cotton from Georgia and their jeans are assembled in Los Angeles. This selvedge denim for women has a Boys of Summer feel that makes me want to walk real slow with my wayfarers on. Their women’s sizing chart is a little wonky, but their customer service is very responsive. Made5

Mill Mercantile offers many US-made brands, focusing on menswear-inspired women’s clothing. This orange linen dress could be a stand-out item at a summer get together.

Naked & Famous offers Japanese raw denim made in Canada. N&F is known for its unusual denim offerings like this mint-scented Weird Guy scratch & sniff pair and this Weird Guy Rainbow weft selvedge pair.

6_shinola Shinola is a Detroit-based company that is bringing back American watchmaking. This Runwell Chrono watch is high impact without looking too fussy–it looks like something HG Wells or Jules Verne might have imagined. Their collection’s focus on old-school industrial charm feels just right for Detroit.

Dagne Dover makes stylish tote bags with many useful compartments for women who want to avoid the black hole purse syndrome. Production takes place in the NYC garment district. Their signature “Dagne blue” tote would stand out beautifully against an all-white outfit. At the time of writing they are unfortunately sold out of all of their stock, but their website promises more to come this week.

Everlane produces its tees, sweatshirts, belts and canvas totes in the USA, and includes information about its factories on its website because of its commitment to transparency. Their boyfriend sweatshirts are great over a tank when the AC is blasting a little too aggressively.

Redwing bases production of their workboots in Redwing, Minnesota. Their website showcases videos detailing their production process. This classic Redwing 9111 Round Toe workboot was originally designed for farmers in 1919.

Horses Atelier is a Toronto-based fashion line featuring dresses with a glamorous but effortless vibe. This dress is summery and subtly grecian, without any unnecessary detail.

Do you have a favorite North American retailer, brand, or manufacturer we missed? For those of you based outside of North America, we’d love to hear about retailers in your home country that you feel deserve more press. Does a product’s country of origin drive your purchasing decisions?

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    Kirma at 9:16 pm

    Some more sites with locally-made clothing & accessories.

    Craft and Culture – specializing in women’s clothing/accessories. All small-designer handmade sort of thing. Predominantly Canada/US but there are some European made things as well.

    Victoire Boutique – Specializing in Canadian made women’s clothing/accessories. A little bit of overlap with C&C. If your style leans at all vintage/twee this is the place for you.

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